Pet Rehabilitation And Therapy Programs

Our Pet Rehabilitation Program includes the following services:


Underwater Treadmill Therapy is among the most effective therapies for postoperative canines and felines or pets with orthopedic, neurological, and/or geriatric conditions associated with muscle weakness. The
therapy involves the use of an underwater treadmill, where animals are able to regain motion and flexibility. Water Therapy offers the following benefits:

  • Increases circulation
  • Reduces pain
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Prevents injury to other limbs while recovering from an orthopedic procedure
  • Permits the trainer to assist gait work as the pet is walking on the treadmill
  • Increases flexibility
  • Strengthens muscles (without impacting joints)
  • Enables greater mobility
  • Allows proper gait biomechanics even if weak

At Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital, hydrotherapy will be utilized with many of our post-op and neurological patients.

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Laser Therapy

Pet Rehabilitation - Laser TherapyThis involves the use of a laser light applied directly to the affected muscles.  It’s a non-invasive, painless form of therapy that works to heal compromised tissue, increase blood circulation, and helps to manage pain. Each session takes between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on the animal’s size and medical condition. Laser Therapy offers the following benefits:

  • Reduced pain, muscle tension, and inflammation
  • Increased blood circulation and endorphin levels
  • Improved and stimulated cellular function
  • Quicker & more efficient healing

At Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital, Laser Therapy will be utilized with many of our post-op and neurologic patients.

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Core Strengthening

  • Less prone to new injuries
  • Improves endurance, flexibility, strength, balance, mobility, and comfort
  • Muscle building supports spine
  • Helps surgical recovery

Muscle Stimulation

  • Low electrical current applied to the skin for temporary pain management
  • Rehabilitates muscles



Acute and chronic conditions including, wounds, allergies, infections, cuts & bites, tooth extraction, sprains, strains & fractures, postoperative & preoperative conditions, hip dysplasia, degenerative joint disease, inflammatory bowel disease, lick granulomas, tendinitis, and much more.

Our Pet Rehabilitation and Therapy programs allow us to offer our patients the best care possible on a long term basis. Contact us today to make an appointment with our staff for a Pet Rehabilitation & Therapy evaluation for your pet or call us at (301) 874-8880.