Rehab Patient Portal: Chantilly “Tilly”

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Tilly, a young bulldog mix, was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and elbow dysplasia just a few months ago. Her condition manifested in a limp which plagued her and finally kept her from going into day camp here at Greenbriar, one of her favorite things to do. Tilly is such a happy and social girl, so a diagnosis of arthritis, which will progress as she ages, and dysplasia of her elbows really had the potential to put a damper on her happy spirit and active lifestyle.

Dog Water Physical Therapy Frederick MD Vet ClinicLucky for Tilly, once she was diagnosed, her owners got her started in rehab right away. Tilly has been receiving laser treatments and hydrotherapy sessions three times a week for the past month and has made tremendous progress. Combined with the supplement regiment recommended for her (which has Tilly thinking she gets lots of extra treats!), the limp that was such a problem for her, has all but disappeared. Tilly really enjoys her visits to Greenbriar and had really started to excel in the tank especially. The tank allows her to work her elbows in a comfortable, controlled way that keeps her joints from stiffening due to too much stress or rest, both of which can be a problem for pets with Tilly’s problems.

While Tilly has made fantastic progress, we will still be working with her to put together a longer term plan that can keep her comfortable and happy for years to come. Tilly’s treatment plan will likely allow her to get back to the activities she loves so much, like day camp, which is very much due to her attentive owners who got Tilly help as soon as they noticed she was uncomfortable. Paying attention to your pet is so important, and often makes a world of difference!

“Erin has been a miracle worker for my young dog.  My dog, Tilly, was diagnosed with elbow displacement in both arms, the news was difficult as Tilly isn’t 2 yet.  With the support of Erin and the laser / water therapy combination, my dog is walking normal.  She is no longer limping or has severe stiffness after sleeping / rest time. Results were almost immediate without the need to have steroid injections.

Erin’s level of patience and love provides Tilly with a stressful free vet visit. While a stress free vet visit is great in and of itself, I have an extremely social dog who is missing day camp terribly and Erin’s extra attention and love, helps diminish that emotional stress as well.

I am confident with the continued therapy sessions, Tilly will be back at camp in no time!!  I can’t thank Erin enough as this has been an extremely difficult experience to have such a young dog severely limping. Erin’s compassion and patience has made the world of difference, in addition to the therapy 🙂 ” -Michelle Beadle

-by Erin Toman

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