Allyson H.

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We simply cannot say enough about the rehab team at Greenbriar!  Our 9 year old golden girl, Moxie, could barely make it up a flight of stairs & was having so much pain just getting up from a seated position, that we truly feared we were on our way to losing her.  But almost immediately after finding Greenbriar & having a plan designed just for her, we began rehabbing those hips & started to see our girl’s spark return!  Now, here we are after a few months of laser & hydrotherapy and she’s enjoying a 30+% improvement in range of motion in hips & elbows as well as gaining several inches of muscle!  She’s her old self again & we could stop here but why mess with a good thing?!  Our plan is to continue on a maintenance path for her indefinitely!  (Not to mention the weekly swimming sessions & day camps several times per week just to wear out our high energy 5 month old puppy, Frodo!  Thank you, day camp team! You’re life savers!)  When he’s a little tuckered out, it’s so much easier to do some training–just one more excellent service provided at Greenbriar!  If it weren’t for Caroline’s expertise, we’d have NO IDEA how to handle this food aggression issue with our not-so-little-anymore rescue pup!

Greenbriar is our one stop shop & we just can’t adequately express our gratitude to Dr Pearson & vet tech Erin Toman for saving our sweet girl!!!

Allyson H.
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