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Lilly Rehabilitation Week 3

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Let the strengthening begin! So after I identified my old girl was having issues, then confirmed the decrease in muscle with the measurements, it was time to start the old lady boot camp. The first exercise we have started, is getting her into the underwater treadmill. Ever see those water aerobics classes at the gym? The average age in those classes are collecting social security. There is a good reason for this. Water is wonderful! One benefit is that the water allows the dog to float decreasing the strain on their legs. This effect is buoyancy. It allows people/dogs with…

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Rehabilitation Lilly Week 1

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Now I have told you the back story of my old dog. Last week we began her rehabilitation process. First, we started by doing measurements. We measured all the angles of her joints in her hind end. We use the same instrument the human Physical Therapists use called a goniometer. Luckily, for Lilly, her joints are actually pretty flexible. However, when we began measuring her thigh girth, we quickly realized she does not have much muscle in her hind end. I took a video of her trying to get up which you can see is very hard for her. I…

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Rehabilitation – Lilly

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This is my first born, Lilly. Lilly was a graduation present to me from my parents and my aunt and uncle from veterinary school. She has taught me so much about being a veterinarian and even more about being a pet owner. I have been diligent about doing annual blood tests, exams, and recommended vaccinations. She has been a huge part of my veterinary life and anyone who had ever worked with me knows Lilly well. This May, Lilly will turn 13 years old. Ack. It is so hard to face that your puppy has become a senior. In the…

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