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Sugar Substitutes, Beware

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Recently at Greenbriar we had a dog come in for boarding that was being given vitamins unknowingly containing Xylitol. The owner was not aware of the risks to their dog and was so grateful! We wanted to share their story as well as tell you about the risks in giving your canine sugar substitutes. “Chris” at Greenbriar saved our dog’s life!! He noticed that the vitamin supplement we were giving our Lab for his nail issues, was flavored with an artificial sweetener that is poisonous to dogs!  He called to tell us, and we immediately stopped giving the supplement.  Now…

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February is Pet Dental Health Month!

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Dental health starts at a very young age and at this age you probably have not even considered dental care (or perhaps just fleetingly when you glimpsed at the gnawed sofa).  It is just as important for our pets as humans to develop good oral hygiene. Brushing your pets’ teeth is the gold standard to help safeguard your pup (or kitten) from severe dental disease down the road. Here are some other helpful hints in addition to brushing that can maintain good oral health. Choosing a dental diet such as t/d is a good choice for oral health. The crunching…

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