Expert Animal Clinic & Pet Resort near Sabillasville, MD

Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital and Luxury Pet Resort provides everything your pet could ever need. 

Our facility spans 30 acres and offers: 

We are dedicated to providing your pet with the best care possible which is why pets come to us from across Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.

Veterinary Hospital near Sabillasville, MD

Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital provides world-class care to your cherished pets. 

We have state-of-the-art facilities on our grounds that allow us to do all of our work on-site, including surgeries! We have various diagnostic facilities available that allow us to quickly do blood work, scans, and any other work your pet may need done in order to reach a diagnosis. 

We know how important your pet’s health is, so we offer pet insurance for a low monthly premium and no deductible. Give your pet the care they deserve and bring them to Greenbriar. 

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Pet Dental Care near Sabillasville, MD

By the time most pets are four years old, 85% have developed periodontal gum disease. The American Animal Hospital Association recommends all cats and dogs have a yearly oral exam and cleaning under anesthesia. 

At Greenbriar, we recognize the need for your pet to have the best dental care possible so we have the best veterinarians to care for your pet’s teeth. 

We do oral examinations, but for all cleanings we put your pet under anesthesia in order to fully remove any plaque build up. We do pre-anesthesia exams and match your pet’s anesthesia dosage to their age, weight, and overall health. We also apply a special sealant to their teeth post-cleaning that is proven to prevent plaque build up for six months, even with no teeth brushing. 

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Luxury Pet Resort & Doggie Day Care near Sabillasville, MD

At Greenbriar Pet Resort, we give your pet the treatment they deserve with our luxury boarding

We have high-quality facilities to house your pet in with boarding spaces ranging from 16 square feet to 112 square feet. We even allow you to house your pets together!

Each guest pet room is fully equipped with bedding, toys, and water as well as indoor/outdoor space. We provide our very own dry food mix formulated for sensitive stomachs. If you wish, you can also send your pet’s food from home to make them more comfortable. 

To make your pet’s stay as enjoyable as possible, we provide a variety of activities and amenities for your pets to enjoy during their stay, such as: 

  • Snuggle time
  • Treats
  • Swim time
  • Group play
  • And more!

Whether feline, canine, or exotic, your pet is sure to enjoy their stay at Greenbriar. 

If you just need day care for your pooch, we also have a doggie day camp. To provide your pet with the best experience, we even offer a free meet and greet to determine the perfect play group for your pet. 

At camp, your pup will get to swim, play on an obstacle course, play fetch, and have their own room for downtime. 

Feel safe with your pet’s care and send them to Greenbriar. Learn more and contact us today!