Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital and Luxury Pet Resort provides you with the best care for your pet, in sickness and in health. 

We have a fully functional veterinary hospital on-site with countless amenities as well as luxury boarding for cats, dogs, and pocket pets. Not to mention our well-loved doggie day care and dog training classes! Greenbriar has it all!

Our highly trained staff is ready to care for your pet and provide it, and you, with whatever is needed. Your pets become like family to us, and we strive to create connections with each animal and owner we serve. 

We are Green Valley residents’ #1 choice for both veterinary care and animal boarding!

We offer appointments that work around your schedule. And if transportation is an issue, we have a specialty pet transport van to carry your pet to and from our facilities!

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Veterinary Hospital near Green Valley, MD

Are you looking to find the best place to provide your pet with exceptional medical care? Look no further than Greenbriar! 

We have a wide variety of services all offered on-site, meaning your pet receives premium care without ever having to leave! 

We provide: 

If your pet is ill or injured and in need of any treatment, we offer emergency services. For these, during our operating hours we make sure your pet gets an appointment as quickly as possible. 

Our facilities are equipped with lab equipment and diagnostic tools to help us treat your pet in the best way possible. Since they can’t communicate with us, we rely on these tests to make accurate diagnosis. 

These tests include: 

  • Laboratory services: We have an on-site laboratory that runs blood, fecal, and urine tests. 
  • Radiology: Our X-ray system is state-of-the-art and is used to find broken bones and foreign bodies in your pet. 
  • Ultrasound: A procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to look inside your pet’s body cavity to monitor heartbeat, blood flow, gastrointestinal movement, and more. 
  • Endoscopy: A minimally invasive procedure used to explore your pet’s gastrointestinal tract, lungs, colon, and nasal passages and detect problems. 

If your pet requires serious treatment like surgery, we have a surgery suite at our facility where our expert surgeon will take care of your pet. 

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Luxury Animal Boarding near Green Valley, MD

We can’t always be around for our pets 24/7. So, when you cannot be there for your pet, let Greenbriar be! 

We offer luxury boarding for your pet which is guaranteed to make them comfortable. Each guest receives heated floors, air conditioning, and a private kennel. If you have pets that want to room together though, feel free to request it! 

While your pets are staying with us, they have countless activities they can partake in like: 

  • Walking among our 30 acres of wooded parkland
  • Snuggle time
  • Play time
  • Treats
  • Medication administration
  • Group play through doggie day care
  • Swimming in our pool

Your pet is guaranteed to enjoy their stay at Greenbriar. And if you don’t need overnight care, consider enrolling them in doggie day camp

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