Rehabilitation – Zoey

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Zoey in hydrotherapy

Zoey has been a rehab patient of Greenbriar’s since May 2015, when it was discovered she had trouble with one of the tendons in her left hock. Even though Zoey was still bearing weight on her leg, her owners noticed some swelling and  after seeing their previous vet, came to us for a second opinion. Zoey was diagnosed with a possible stretch injury or partial tear of her injured Achille’s tendon. Zoey began both laser and hydrotherapy. Luckily, with this conservative management, Zoey was ultimately able to avoid a costly surgery.

Initially, the combination of both the underwater treadmill and the cold laser was recommended for Zoey. The combination of the two was able to strengthen Zoey’s hock while the tendon healed. As it turned out, Zoey loved the water! She was always so eager to get her hydrotherapy and has also been a good girl for her laser treatments.

After completing her first round of 12 treatments of both laser and hydro, Zoey was reevaluated. Her owners noticed a vast improvement in her mobility. Her swelling had lessened and she only had stiffness at the very beginning of her day rather than throughout. Zoey’s pain seemed to all but disappear with treatment. Recently, when Zoey began having pain in her hip, we were able to treat her with more laser to help fix that problem as well. Today, Zoey is on maintenance laser, so she comes to see us once a week in order to keep her comfortable and moving well. Zoey is a wonderful addition to our rehab department!

“Zoey, my dog tore her left Achilles tendon. Our vet wanted her to have surgery. My husband and I were leaving for San Francisco. We would not be home and would not have any one to care for Zoey. I took her to see Dr Pooya. He wanted her to have laser treatments and the aquatic treatments. While we were away, we boarded her. She was given the treatments while we were gone. Zoey responded very well and did not need surgery.

Just a few weeks ago she started having trouble with her right hip. Dr Pearson recommended Zoey have laser treatments again. After 6 treatments, she is walking better and has started playing which she has not done for months. Zoey and I have been very happy with the physical therapy department of Greenbriar.” -Janet Sabins

by Erin Toman

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