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Canine Rehabilitation Services Frederick MD VetZee is a lovely older gentleman who had been coming to Greenbriar for our vet services over the years. In May of this year, Zee was diagnosed with a tear of his right cruciate ligament. After having surgery with Dr. Pooya, Zee was ready to begin his rehab journey with us in June.

A cruciate tear is an affliction we see regularly and the recovery is one that, if completed, allows many patients a full return to their normal lives. In Zee’s case, one of his favorite things are walks around his neighborhood with his Mom, and sitting at the top of the stairs to stand guard over his domain at home. For a period of time after his surgery, Zee was very hesitant to go up the stairs. He kept himself confined the the first floor, although he would go up and down the stairs to his yard. The stairs to the second level though, just seemed like too much. So one of the biggest goals we had for Zee was for him to feel strong and comfortable enough to return to her perch.
Zee’s treatment plan, as with most cruciate patients we see, involved laser therapy, hydro therapy, and some at home work. We gave Zee’s owners some stretches to do on the days we didn’t see him, and recommended some exercises to help strengthen the muscles he’d lost after surgery. Zee came in and saw us every Saturday for 12 weeks. Since his visits were spread out by a full week each time, it was crucial for Zee’s owners to be diligent and keep up with his at home work. Lucky for Zee, his mom and Nana were willing to do whatever it took to get him better.
After 4 months of active rehab, Zee came in for his recheck with Dr. Pearson. The proof was in the numbers!  When Zee began his rehab journey, his muscles had wasted a bit, so we were really hoping to see improvement in his muscle mass. Today, Zee’s thigh measure at an awesome 34 and 35 cms, which is right where he should be. Between his rehab with us and his owner’s diligent work at home, Zee’s muscles and knees were functioning normally.
Today, Zee is back to his normal, fun loving self. He is back to sitting at the top of the stairs and keeping an eye on his Mom and Nana. He enjoys long walks and laying out in his yard, sniffing away. Zee is a great example of how dedication to rehab therapy can make a huge difference and ultimately allow patients to return to their normal, happy, lives.

“At the end of May, my Golden, Zee, tore his CCL [caninCanine Rehabilitation Services Frederick MD Vete cruciate ligament], and so began his 4-month road to recovery.

Four weeks after his surgery Zee was approved to begin rehabilitation.  Rehabilitation could be done at home or we could also include the rehabilitation services that Greenbriar offered – laser and water therapy.  Deciding that rehabilitation just at home may not be enough, I signed up for 12 weeks of laser therapy and 12 weeks of water therapy.  Best decision I could have made!

We began working with Erin.  She had a great rapport with Zee.  It took him awhile to get used to the water therapy in the tank, but Erin showed the patience of a saint, even getting into the tank with him.  Erin observed Zee’s behavior and made the necessary changes to alleviate his stress.  Eventually Zee did not need Erin in the tank with him any longer and was handling it like a champ.  At the end of our 12 week sessions, the doctor did an evaluation of Zee’s recovery.  In large part, due to Erin’s work with him, the doctor was impressed by Zee’s recovery and confirmed that Zee had made a 100% recovery.

I highly recommend using the rehabilitation services offered by Greenbriar.” -Sheila Tiffany

Contributed by Erin Toman

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