Rehabilitation – Sasha

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This beautiful girl is Sasha, a rottweiler with a heart of gold. Sasha has been on quite a journey through rehab, and no one can tell it better than her mom, Angelin.

Let me start with giving a Huge THANKS to Erin who made it possible for my Sasha to return back to doing what she loves the most- being outside playing.Pet Resort and Spa Frederick MD Dog Clinic

Sasha is my 7-year-old Rottweiler who was diagnosed with a complete CCl tear on her left knee in December of 2015. I took Sasha to VOSM to get a TPLO surgery done and they did a phenomenal job. Couldn’t have been happier seeing Sasha heal well during her 3-month recovery period after surgery. On the last day, they examined her again and found out she is still putting more pressure on her right to compensate. Along with that, she still let out a cry while getting up every now and then. This is when I was advised to take her for rehab.

I researched so much to make sure I find the best rehab place for her, and luckily, I found Greenbriar. I met with Dr. Pooya who was GREAT and extremely knowledgeable. Along with looking into her surgery, he also noticed arthritis in her legs and elbows. Dr. Pooya advised me different supplements for her on a daily basis, along with highly recommending Laser and Water Treadmill. I readily took on the supplements and water treadmill, however, I was hesitant about laser. Wasn’t sure how it would help so I signed up for only 1 session of laser.

I met Erin about 4 months ago on the first day of Sasha’s laser session. She was extremely nice and super friendly with Sasha as well (I can say this with certainty because Sasha is hesitant to go to strangers but went right to Erin and sat on her lap). Erin talked to me about laser and how it helps throughout the process. AND OH My God, I saw the DIFFERENCE in the first day itself. You have to try it to believe it… I took Sasha home and I was able to see my happy playful Sasha back again. The pain was almost none. She started to spring back up from laying or sitting down without pain. I saw her pre-injury self-back again and for that I couldn’t thank Erin, Dr.Pooya, and Greenbriar enough. There was absolutely no turning back for me since that day. Since then, I have brought Sasha in every week for both laser and water treadmill. The laser keeps her pain from arthritis under control, and the treadmill increases her muscles so less pressure is put on her knees. I couldn’t imagine that water treadmill would work this well…. It builds her stamina and muscles so well that she now walks WITHOUT a limp. It worked miraculously for her. There was absolutely only pros and no cons due to which I now take my fiancé’s Pitbull for water treadmill as well since he is 5 and a half. Water Therapy & Rehabilitation for Canines Frederick MD

Water Therapy & Rehabilitation for Canines Frederick MD From experience on 2 dogs, I HIGHLY Recommend getting laser and water treadmill after surgery or due to age, or for arthritis or even just water treadmill as exercise. And ERIN is THE BEST OF THE BEST. Erin always asked and listened to how Sasha was doing before the start of her session and also modified it upon my request anytime Sasha had a long week of activity.

No words can explain how good it feels now to see my pup back to her happy self and do what she loves doing most—which is being outside playing with her brother (Pitbull) by taking his Frisbee and having him chase her around.

-Angelin Rajan

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