Rehabilitation – Rufus

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Canine Rehabilitation- Animal Hospital Frederick MDRufus, a big, goofy, bundle of but love and energy, has just recently become part of our rehab family. Just a few days shy of his first birthday, Rufus had to undergo a complicated and difficult surgery called a ulnar ostectomy. A pin was placed through Rufus’ ulna to correct a painful and debilitating bow in his leg.  It was a lengthy surgery which required a strict recovery plan.

Rufus spent time after surgery in a cast that went all the way up to his elbow. This gave the bone the stability and support it needed to heal. After his cast was removed, Rufus had a significant limp on his still healing leg and was suffering from some muscle loss due to inactivity. Initially, Rufus’ parents had hoped to do his active rehab at home. Unfortunately, it proved to just be too much fun for him and they found themselves unable to complete his rehab exercises without him getting too excited, which was exactly what we were trying to avoid since Rufus needed still needed strict calm and quiet to keep from negatively impacting his recovery.

Rufus got started on his rehab plan with us at Greenbriar and, as they say, the rest is history!  With each laser and hydrotherapy session, Rufus is getting stronger. He loves his time in the water and is always is eager to get started. He is regaining the muscle he lost during the beginning stages of his recovery and his limp is hardly noticeable most days. Rufus still has a bit of a ways to go, but he is making great strides- pun intended! And let’s face it, nothing brightens up a day quite as well as a big ol’ fluffy guy like Rufus!

Canine Rehabilitation- Animal Hospital Frederick MD“Rufus has been seen by Greenbriar since his first puppy check-up after we brought him home – weighing only 16 pounds, something everyone finds hard to imagine now.  He’s currently over a year old, weighing 130 pounds, and has been doing hydrotherapy with Erin since the middle of May.  This is the latest stage of his recovery from foreleg surgery done by Dr. Pooya, with the goal of giving him complete use of his leg again.  This water-loving dog has really taken to hydrotherapy (or in dog-friendly language, I call it “swimming”) twice a week, and he’s made amazing progress.  He favored his leg quite obviously at the start, and now he has a bit of morning or weather stiffness and is otherwise quite eager to be off restriction – no running, jumping, or playing until cleared by Dr. Pooya.  The therapy, coupled with the cold laser treatment, twice a week has made a night-and-day difference in Rufus’ (and my) quality of life.  We tried at home physical therapy and it didn’t work well for us because Rufus kept getting so excited to play we’d spend too much time fighting to keep him from hurting himself that both dog and owner would end up frustrated and unhappy at the end and no progress was made.  I am so grateful we had this option instead, because Rufus is getting better more quickly and I can hopefully get him back to where I want him to be – able to be a dog.  That wouldn’t be possible without everyone at Greenbriar, but especially Erin and Dr. Pooya.  Thank you so much!” -Jennifer Candee

by Erin Toman

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