Rehabilitation – Melody

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While many of our rehab patients begin their journeys with us due to a surgery or chronic problem, some of them find themselves needing laser or hydrotherapy due to every day accidents. Melody started out in just that way.

Beginning in the winter of 2013, Melody came up lame after tripping on some stairs. We recommended laser therapy. Melody’s parents were eager to get her started, as they had experience with our cold laser therapy before with Melody’s brother, Charlie. After a short course of rest and laser, Melody was back to her playful self.

Canine Rehabilitation- Animal Hospital Frederick MDAbout a year later, the lameness returned and this time, it came with stiffness. Melody was slowing down, as many older dogs tend to do. At that point, Melody became a rehab regular. Each session massages Melody from toes to tail including both of her hips, stifles, shoulders, and her lower back. She loves sitting on our orthopedic bed and letting us pamper her! Even patients with extensive soreness and discomfort from arthritis and similar diseases can see dramatic improvements with laser therapy.  Periodically, Melody also indulges in the hydrotherapy tank to keep her muscles toned and her joints moving

It is obvious that nothing- not arthritis or aging- can slow Miss Melody down. She is still full of spunk and won’t hesitate to remind you, with a woof, she’s the boss! The benefits of rehab therapy help her stay as sassy and happy as ever.

“Around a year ago our spunky 14 y/o furkid, Melody, stopped going down the stairs.  She seemed terrified of them, but why?  After a visit with Dr. Pooya we determined that her arthritis had finally reached the point where it was limiting her joint movement.  He prescribed a regimen of dietary supplements, medication, and rehabilitation (laser therapy).  Within the first month we could tell a difference in how she was moving, and were thrilled when she started going down the stairs on her own again!  We eventually got to the point where the Greenbriar staff suggested we also try the water treadmill with Melody, so that she start to also strengthen the muscle around her problematic joints.  While she was hesitant about the first few experiences, the rehab staff were so very wonderful that in time they had her eating treats during her tank sessions (this is a major feat for our anxious girl).

Melody’s mobility has improved dramatically over the last year, thanks to the rehabilitation services that Greenbriar offers and the dedication of the staff.  Now that it’s warm outside her favorite activity is to track the rabbits and chipmunks around the yard…and we don’t walk, we run (ya know, when we’re up for it).  We’re so thankful.”

– Dani and Mick Maynard

by Erin Toman

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