Rehabilitation – Lilly

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This is my first born, Lilly. Lilly was a graduation present to me from my parents and my aunt and uncle from veterinary school. She has taught me so much about being a veterinarian and even more about being a pet owner. I have been diligent about doing annual blood tests, exams, and recommended vaccinations. She has been a huge part of my veterinary life and anyone who had ever worked with me knows Lilly well.

This May, Lilly will turn 13 years old. Ack. It is so hard to face that your puppy has become a senior. In the last couple months, I have really witnessed the age catching up with her. Her vision is not what it used to be and her hearing is not great either. Unfortunately, there is not much I can do about these things. The one thing I am noticing more than anything is the weakness in her legs. She can’t get up the stairs as easily and first thing in the morning, she is almost unable to get up the stairs at all.

This year I have been lucky enough to complete the majority of my training in becoming certified in Canine Rehabilitation. I only have one more exam left! Through this education and new degree, I have really learned how much more we can do for our older patients who suffer from arthritis and stiffness.

To help show you the benefits, I am going to have you follow me on my journey to help my old dog, Lilly regain the strength in her hind legs to keep her limber.

– Karen R Pearson, DVM

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