Rehabilitation Lilly Week 1

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Now I have told you the back story of my old dog. Last week we began her rehabilitation process.

First, we started by doing measurements. We measured all the angles of her joints in her hind end. We use the same instrument the human Physical Therapists use called a goniometer. Luckily, for Lilly, her joints are actually pretty flexible. However, when we began measuring her thigh girth, we quickly realized she does not have much muscle in her hind end.

I took a video of her trying to get up which you can see is very hard for her.

I developed a plan for her to help build muscle in her thighs. I am starting her on a twice weekly regimen of Laser therapy to help warm her joints before she starts her exercise in the water tread mill.

Okay Lilly, we are starting your New Year’s Resolution. Get in Shape Girl!

Karen R Pearson, DVM

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