Rehabilitation – Kaylor

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Veterinary Services & Underwater Treadmill for Dogs Frederick MDKaylor, a 15 year old Shepard mix, has been coming to Greenbriar for rehab since May of 2015. Kaylor was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, a painful degeneration of the cartilage and bone, in his hips and knees. He was having a harder and harder time getting around, prompting his parents to try to find a solution.

Kaylor utilizes both the cold laser and our underwater treadmill. The laser is perfect for conditions like Kaylor’s. The laser helps relieve the pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis. It also improves circulation, which stimulates damaged tissues to heal. These laser benefits are perfect for Kaylor’s specific needs. The treatment is also similiar to a short massage which Kaylor just loves!

Our underwater treadmill is the second half of Kaylor’s rehabilitation plan, and he just loves it! The warm water eases the stress on his joints, and the buoyancy of the water allows him to work on strengthening the muscles he needs for his everyday activities, like walking. Kaylor has made great progress in his mobility since starting therapy.

Greenbriar’s rehabilitation program, paired with a doctor monitored medication regiment, has made a huge difference for Kaylor.

“Kaylor was having real trouble walking due to his arthritis and this has really helped strengthen him to do more on his own. I also really believe he enjoys the treadmill as he is always so alert and active after the session.  It’s given him energy and life I didn’t think he had left. ” –Ed Binkley

by Erin Toman

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