Rehabilitation – Finnegan

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Veterinary Services & Underwater Treadmill for Dogs Frederick MDFinnegan has been coming to Greenbriar since November 2015. His parents found our rehab program after searching for a way for Finn to get more exercise. Finn had so much energy, they were finding it difficult to get him the amount of exercise he needed. Finn was the perfect candidate for our water exercise program, and jumped in paws first. He hasn’t looked back since!

Unlike some of our other patients, Finn uses the tank strictly for exercise. While the warm water provides the same comforts as it does for our patients in need of recovery, it functions more as a way to work Finn’s muscles in a different way and give him a better workout than what he could get by just running on dry land. Finn has even worked up to running and swimming against the jets in the tank, which create a current and provide even more of a challenge for him.

Finn comes to see us every week, and each time, he leaves happy and panting. Working with Finn is a real treat; finding different ways to use the water to challenge him allows us to fine tune Finn’s exercise sessions to fit him perfectly.

“We found swim time, as we call it, while looking for training programs and fell in love with it! Finnegan is a water dog and is full of energy, so this was a perfect way for him to get some energy out, especially during the winter months. Finn is a nervous/shy dog, so he doesn’t like the long walk to the tank, but he loves seeing Miss Erin and swimming so it’s all worth it in my mind.  She makes it easy for Finn to get to the tank and enjoy his time while he’s down there, whether we walk down with them or not. We have noticed that Finn’s confidence has lifted and, bonus, he’s lost some weight from going to swim time. In the words of my husband, Finn “is a lean, mean swimmin’ machine.” I highly recommend swim time for anyone who is looking for a different way to exercise your dog, especially if they are as high energy as Finn is! Having a tired dog after a long day at work definitely makes for a happy dog and owner.” -Jobeth and Kevin Callahan

by Erin Toman

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