Rehabilitation – Capone

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Canine Rehabilitation with Water Therapy Frederick MD Vet ClinicCapone is a 6 and a half year old French Mastiff who came to Greenbriar after being diagnosed by his primary veterinarian with hip dysplasia.

Hip dysplasia is a genetic abnormality of the hip joints causing pain, inflammation and in many cases, arthritis. This condition occurs when the bones don’t fit snugly into the hip joint, creating friction and pain. Often times, the body will try to create scar tissue to protect the joint, which unfortunately, only adds to the problem. Dogs suffering from hip dysplasia often have mobility problems, difficulty getting up from a sitting position, muscle loss in their legs, and premature onset of osteoarthritis. This condition is much more common in giant breeds, like Capone but can affect all dogs.

In Capone’s case, his dysplasia was painful to a degree it was beginning to affect his quality of life. It’s hard for an active dog to suddenly be so uncomfortable they can’t easily do the things they love. Luckily, Capone’s condition made him a prime candidate for our rehab program and together with Capone’s mom, we put together a plan to manage his condition. Capone began receiving cold laser treatments regularly as well as adding the underwater treadmill to help build up the muscles he was slowly losing. It was so important, especially for a dog of Capone’s size, for him to build up the muscles in his legs and back to help support him as he got older and his hips inevitably became weaker.

Canine Rehabilitation- Animal Hospital Frederick MD“After a few months of continuous therapy, Capone is back to his happy, energetic self. He can now play with his brother, Tyson, and not struggle to get around the next day. Capone still has so much life in him and is now able to enjoy every bit of it.

At one point Capone was obviously not enjoying his life so much.  He would walk up the stairs very slow, he would walk behind me very slowly and wasn’t playing with his brother too much although you could see in his eyes that he really wanted to. He was already on 1 supplements at the time but I wasn’t really certain it was helping.

Then after meeting with Orthopedic Specialist Dr. Pooya everything changed!  He recommended 2 more supplements, laser therapy and water therapy.  Then we met Erin.  She’s great!!  Capone does laser therapy with her 2x per week (I’m trying to get in the 2x per week that was recommended) and she does his water therapy and he’s like a different French Mastiff now!  Back to his normal, happy, more active self.

He comes down the stairs quickly, almost running in front of me on walks, and back to lightly jumping and playing with his brother Tyson.  I would strongly recommend laser and water therapy for any pet guardian who’s dog is experiencing mobility issues.  Capone was diagnosed with “mild hip dysplasia” as well as a CCL in one of his knees at 5 years old.  He will be 6 in September and doing SO much better.

I feel great about being able to give him a much better quality of life with the help of Erin and Dr Pooya.”  – Mrs. Donyale Mills

– by Erin Toman

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