Rehabilitation – Bailey

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Veterinary Services & Underwater Treadmill for Dogs Frederick MDBailey Klein is one of our happiest patients, and has been lighting up the rehab department since Spring of 2014. Bailey has had 3 major orthopedic surgeries; both of her cruciate ligaments(ACLs) needed repairing, as well as a painful luxating patella(moving kneecap). Bailey got started right away with her rehab.

In Bailey’s case, both the cold laser therapy and our underwater treadmill were needed  as a part of her rehab plan. The cold laser was started soon after her surgery, with the underwater treadmill coming in later on, about 4 weeks after her procedures. The laser was critical in helping Bailey heal quickly and reducing her discomfort. Right from her first session, Bailey couldn’t wait to have her laser treatments done!

The underwater treadmill provided a safe and comfortable environment for Bailey to work on rebuilding the strength in her knees. The warmth of the water eased her discomfort, as well as alleviating some of the pressure on her healing joints. Slowly but surely, Bailey’s personal rehab plan got her back to her happy, energetic self!

Veterinary Services & Underwater Treadmill for Dogs Frederick MDHaving been cleared by her doctor for unlimited activity once she was completely healed, Bailey has continued to utilize both treatments to help her maintain her busy lifestyle. Bailey is now able to go against the jets in the water, and we can focus on getting her the exercise she loves while making sure she’s always comfortable. Laser sessions continue to give Bailey all of the benefits she has always enjoyed.

Nothing can slow down this pretty girl!

“The program helped Bailey heal quickly and get her back to her hyperactive self. Not only does Bailey get super excited to go to her rehab appointments, we can see what a huge difference it makes in her mobility. She loves having laser therapy and walking in the tank, and, afterwards, we love that she seems less sore and stiff.”

-Mandy Klein, Bailey’s mom

by Erin Toman

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