Do It Yourself Luxury Dog Bathing

at Greenbriar Luxury Pet Resort

Do you enjoy the experience of bathing your own dog but don’t have the proper facilities or don’t enjoy cleaning up the mess? With our do-it-yourself dog wash service, you can have the experience you enjoy, but we clean up!

Did your dog really enjoy our dog park and you don’t want to let your dirty dog into your car? Our do-it-yourself dog wash service is the perfect answer!

Here’s how it works. You bring your pet and your shampoo products, and we supply the facilities, the towels, and the forced air dryer. Our washing stations are designed for dogs. They feature a walk-up ramp that makes it easy to get your pet into the tub and an anchor point to safely secure your pet.

This service is offered daily from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm for only $14.70 per dog. Please call ahead for availability!

  • Please Note – 30 Minute Time Limit. Dogs that require additional time and materials must be referred to our Spa Services or Groomers for services.

What are the advantages of DIY Dog Bathing?

  • We clean up the mess!!
  • No clogged drains.
  • A walk-up ramp that safely brings your larger dog into the tub at a comfortable working level.
  • The tub is designed for dogs and is not slippery like a home tub, therefore it is much safer for your pet.
  • A convenient warm water spray nozzle makes it easy to wash all parts of your dog.
  • A leash hook to safely anchor your pet into the tub to prevent them from fleeing.
  • It protects your home tub from claw marks and hair damage.
  • We supply warm water that is much more comfortable for your pet and better for their joints than a cold water garden hose.
  • We supply you with a forced-air dryer to blow dry your dog so they don’t have to go home wet.
  • We clean up the mess!!  (It’s worth mentioning twice!)

Don’t forget to call ahead at (301) 874-8880 for availability or contact us online for more information.