Mimi’s Rehab Journey – Week 1

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This is Mimi, she is a 10 (almost 11 year) old Whippet. At the beginning of 2018 Mimi had Orthopedic surgery on her knee, and on February 16th she started rehab. Mimi is in week one of her rehabilitation journey and we will be working with her for five more. The first week of rehab included using the laser, cavaletti poles, a balance board, and our in-house underwater treadmill. In her free time Mimi enjoys giving kisses, cuddling, and sleeping under blankets. One of her favorite activities is running. With the help of rehab, we will have her up and running again so she can enjoy a beautiful spring romp! Follow along with us as we report her progress working with Dr. Pearson and her highly skilled team.

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