Hannah’s Rehabilitation Story

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Canine Rehabilitation & Health Services- Vet Clinic Frederick MDHannah began coming to see us for rehab a few months after her brother, another rehab patient here, passed away. She began to slow down and have many of the common troubles older dogs get, and the passing of Taz seemed to make them worse. She began both laser and hydro therapy and now comes in 3 times a week. Hannah has made great strides (pun intended!) in her mobility and is much more active. She has gained muscle in her hind end so she isn’t collapsing when she eats or stands for longer periods of time anymore. She’s even able to go up and down stairs again. She has more energy and definitely keeps her parents on their toes! She’s doing great for an older girl, and we’re so happy rehab is giving her her strength back.

“We had two English Shepherds–brother and sister.  Our male Taz had his first appointment with Dr. Pooya in October, 2014.  Dr. Pooya recommended  laser and hydrotherapy for his severe hip and back issues.
Taz died in January, 2016 a few days after his 14th birthday.  I know the therapy at Greenbriar not only extended his life, but definitely enhanced the quality of his life.   Thank you to all.
Hannah (52lbs) is much smaller than Taz (80+lbs).  Hannah was running around until Taz died.  Almost immediately after he died, she seemed depressed and she started having difficulty getting up and down stairs.  We decided to start Hannah on the laser and hydrotherapy.   Taz was easy going and with a harness (thanks for the push Jamie) it was pretty easy to help him move around.Hannah WAS not easy going.  She totally freaked out when we tried to get her in the car alone, she was able to muster enormous strength and energy to fight every thing we tried .  At first Erin brought a mobile laser machine to the car.  She encouraged me to keep trying and I persisted and now 7months later–Hannah is doing great.  With a little assist (she wears Taz’s harness) she gets into the car and the latest accomplishment–out of the car at GREEN BRIAR.  So many people tried to help me get her out of the car.  I reluctantly resorted to a muzzle.  Now no muzzle needed, no biting, no crazy jumping around in the car.
Water Therapy for Dogs- Cet Clinic Frederick MD
Hannah is doing laser and hydrotherapy 3x a week.  She is on the underwater treadmill for 14mins at 1.3miles per minute 3x a week. She is eating better, she (what I call) bounce runs around and we have even had her a few times at day care.  She use to avoid all dogs except her big brother, now she has been interested in meeting a few small dogs in the neighborhood.
Thanks to all the staff at Greenbriar and a VERY SPECIAL thanks to Erin who has worked with me and Hannah.  It seems you CAN teach old dogs new tricks.” – Patty Morningstar
by Erin Toman

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