Greg and Libby

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Greg and Libby are two adorable Italian Greyhounds who have just recently become a part of our rehab program. At only 11 months old, both of them are full of energy and are a perfect fit here at Greenbriar!

At barely 9 months old, Libby found herself with a sprain of her left knee. She was playing with her brother and took a little tumble and came up sore. After being evaluated, Libby began both laser and hydrotherapy. Safe in her Mom’s arms, which is one of her favorite places to be, Libby quickly got used to the laser treatments and even began to really enjoy them.

Canine Rehabilitation- Animal Hospital Frederick MDLibby’s first underwater experience proved her to be a natural in the water, and she soon wanted to go even faster than we wanted her to! She is so focused and calm in the water and it has made in incredible difference in her mobility. Libby is feeling much better after her first 12 sessions and will be continuing to transition into fewer sessions a week until she is cleared by the doctor. Libby loves the water so much, her parents have decided to continue to use the tank for her as an outlet for her energy and to give her more exercise after she’s cleared by the doctor!

Gregory, Libby’s big brother (but only in size!), began to accompany his sister to her rehab appointments. Since Libby was on exercise restriction, Greg had a good amount of energy his parents were having a hard time finding an outlet for. Luckily, Greg loves the water just as much as his sister! He is now a regular in the hydro tank and gets a great workout from his exercise sessions. Greg has already worked up to being able to run at 5 miles an hour! The water resistance makes sure Greg is building muscles at the same time as getting all that extra energy out.

Canine Water Rehabilitation- Animal Hospital Frederick MDLibby and Greg are such a special pair of puppies. Their parents were so happy that both of them love the water so much, as they were really concerned about how hard the recovery would be on both Greg and Libby with them being so young. Luckily, we were able to not only heal Libby faster, but find a perfect activity to keep them both active and healthy.

“Libby came into rehabilitation with Erin after receiving a diagnosis of a stretched cruciate ligament. She was receiving cold laser therapy treatments and treadmill exercise to help get that ligament healed. After two appointments we already noticed a difference in her movements and she wasn’t experiencing stiffness as she was prior to her diagnosis. She maintains this regiment and shows continual improvement everyday. We cannot say enough good things about Erin and the rehab program. Greg enjoys his swim time with “Miss Erin” each week as well. ” – Jennifer Bucklew

by Erin Toman

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