Give Us A Kiss

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“Give us a kiss”

Nothing says “love” more than a big lick across the face.

Dental Exam- Dog Care and Grooming Frederick MDHowever, lets take a step back and think about what is really in a dog or cat’s mouth. I don’t know who came up with the myth concerning dog’s having cleaner mouths than humans, but they could not have possibly had a dog. For one thing, they love to clean up the yard and to clean out litter-boxes. Ew! Then, dogs and cats lick themselves. All over. They do not discriminate what part of their body they are licking. Above all, they do not even brush their teeth. Humans brush their teeth twice a day and get dental cleanings and check ups every 6 months. So, our pets are left with…

There are two main reasons people do not want to clean up these awful mouths:

  1. Cost
    Many people think when we offer to have their pet’s teeth cleaned, we just scrape off the tartar under anesthesia and that’s it. What they don’t realize is what a comprehensive process it truly is. Each pet is screened with blood work to make sure their organs are up for the anesthetic challenge. They all receive an IV catheter and fluids. We develop patient specific anesthetic protocols. Then, imagine you are at the dentist. Every little step your dentist performs, is the same service your pet is getting. Once under anesthesia, the teeth are thoroughly scaled with an ultrasonic scaler, just as your teeth would be. Then, the polish is applied. It is extremely important to protect the teeth from all the scraping which has just been performed. This helps strengthen the teeth. Once these two phases are complete, the doctor does a comprehensive exam of every tooth and the entire oral cavity. So although people feel this procedure is expensive, the dog or cat is receiving extensive care to help with keeping your pet healthy.
  2. Anesthesia
    Anesthesia has carried many myths associated with its use. It is not as dangerous as many people think. People and pets daily undergo anesthesia for several different procedures. Many people even use sedation dentistry to help with the anxiety associated with the dentist. It is the same with our little creatures. We take all the necessary precautions to make sure your pet is safe. These include blood work, IV catheter for venous access during the anesthesia, IV fluids to keep the blood pressure up and keep the patient hydrated.

So next time Fido goes to give you a kiss, think twice before letting him. It is bacteria city in there. Do not be afraid or thwarted from getting their teeth cleaned. It removes the bacteria, protects their teeth from severe infection and can help them live longer, happier lives!

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