What To Expect When Boarding Your Pet

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What To Expect When Boarding Your Pet

When you are getting ready to drop off your furry, feathery or scaly family member to stay with us. Here is a checklist of things to consider before you leave your beloved pet with us.


Food- Cat and Dog Boarding and Day Care Services Frederick MDYou may bring your own food for your pet if you want but we do ask that you place it in individual baggies per meal with the pet’s name on it so we know it is for your pet and that is the amount you would like us to feed them.

Any time you or your pet are away from home, it can be stressful. When pets get stressed, they often stop eating. If you think your pets may have this kind of stress reaction, please bring a can of your pets favorite food or let us know when dropping off that if they do not eat we have permission to add something to entice them to eat. We also supply treats but if you want to bring your own, there is not charge.

Cat and Dog Boarding and Day Care Services Frederick MDThere is no need to bring anything with your pet as far as blankets, bedding, or toys because we have everything your pet needs for their say. We have a wide variety of bedding, towels, therapeutic beds, and every kind of toy your pet can imagine


We take extra time here to be sure your pet gets the medication you bring. We ask you to bring your pets medication in the prescribed bottle and make sure it is labeled correctly. If there are any discrepancies in what you are telling us to give and what is labeled by your veterinarian, we will call your veterinarian to double check that it is okay to give the medication the way you have requested. We have peanut butter and cheese here to help administer the medication, but you are more than welcome to buy a bag of our “Pill Pockets” available in several delicious flavors.

Health Issues

Cat and Dog Boarding and Day Care Services Frederick MDPlease let our front staff know if there are any health issues off which we should be aware. We have a special wing of the resort our special needs pets are kept to make sure they are monitored frequently.

Nervous Pets

If, at the time of drop off, your pet is very nervous, we will take the extra time to be sure your pet settles in and is comfortable. Please feel free to call us anytime during our open hours to check on your pet. One of the resort staff will let you know how your pet is doing. If your dog or cat is known to be very nervous away from home or in new situations, they may benefit from a treat called Composure. “This treat contains three main ingredients that work together to support calming and relaxation without affecting the dog’s energy levels or personality.The C3™ colostrum calming complex supports stress reduction and cognitive function; L-Theanine helps the body produce other amino acids to bring certain neurotransmitters back into balance; and B vitamins (thiamine) affect the central nervous system to help calm anxious animals. Composure™ Bite-Sized Chews are available in a delicious chicken liver flavored chew to provide easier delivery.”

Going Home

After a short or a long boarding stay when you pick up your pet, they may be tired. Although we try our best to keep the stress level to a minimum, there is no place like home. so your pet being tired when they get home is not uncommon. Please also remember that leaving boarding and a car ride home may upset their stomach. Don’t give them food or water as soon as your get home, wait a little bit and let them settle in. Then offer them small amounts of food and water.

Tours During High Volume Times

When our house is full, we try not to do tours to protect our guests. It is stressful to have a stranger staring at you while you are trying to take a nap. We LOVE giving tours, but our guests come first so we keep our tours to a minimum during these peak times.

We want to provide the best care of each and every one of our guests. We take extra time to be sure all of your pets are as comfortable as we can make them. Please have patience when checking in your pets for their holiday stay. We want to take the time to make sure all their accommodations and needs are met

Thank you for Boarding with us! We look forward to seeing you

Contributed by Jen Stup, Resort Manager

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