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Veterinary Services & Underwater Treadmill for Dogs Frederick MDBailey is one of the faces we see regularly at Greenbriar. He is a very active day camper and regularly comes to  use the underwater treadmill for exercise and to strengthen his muscles. However, even a dog as happy as Bailey has ups and downs, some of which found him in need for rehab services.

Bailey injured his cruciate ligament, and in an attempt to avoid a costly surgery, Bailey’s mom opted to try cold laser therapy combined with rest to help heal his injury. Bailey responded beautifully to the laser and was up and about with a quickness. After his first laser package was completed, adding the underwater treadmill helped Bailey build up the muscles in his stifles(knees) and legs to help support the area of his injury. This extra strength helps Bailey keep himself safe from further injury and allows him to get around much better.

Veterinary Services & Underwater Treadmill for Dogs Frederick MDCold laser therapy has also been a big help for him when he found himself with a hot spot, or skin infection. The laser healed Bailey’s wound quickly and got him back to his day camp buddies in no time.

Since graduating from rehab, Bailey has continued to utilize the underwater treadmill to keep the muscles he has built strong and toned. He is a pro in the water now!

“Bailey is our 6 year old Bichon and has been coming to Greenbriar his entire life. Being a very energetic dog he has had a couple of injuries. Last year he had a torn cruciate and Dr. Pooya recommended laser treatments to see if we could avoid surgery. Veterinary Services & Underwater Treadmill for Dogs Frederick MDWhat a wonderful tool laser is. Bailey was back to himself in no time. It is easy, quick and no pain involved. After we had a complete round of laser we had him walk on the underwater treadmill several times a week to build muscles and help avoid another injury.

Last summer he also had laser for a hot spot on his tail that would not heal. It only took two or three treatments until we saw drastic improvements.

If you are contemplating laser treatments, I highly recommend you give it a try as it has really worked for us.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how great the techs are that do this!”- Sheilah Leister

by Erin Toman

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