5 Signs Your Dog or Cat May Need a Dental Cleaning

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Bad Breath

Dental plaque and tartar harbor millions of bacteria. These bacteria cause that horrible smell when your pet goes to give you kisses. Contrary to the myth, a dog’s mouth is NOT the cleanest part of their body.


Reluctance to eat, especially dry food

When tartar builds up below the gum line where we can’t see it, it can make the gums irritated and painful. This may lead your pet to not to want to crunch on food they usually enjoy or they may not play with toys they usually play with.


Excessive drooling

When the mouth recognizes something is not right (pain or infection), the body starts to produce more saliva to try and help with the problem. This leads to drooling.


Pawing at or rubbing the mouth/muzzle

If there is pain in the mouth, your dog or cat may rub their mouth or nose along the ground, against furniture or they may use their paws to rub.


Sudden change in behavior

Because your pet cannot talk, often times they begin acting differently when in pain. These changes in behavior may be that they become more aggressive or they can become more withdrawn and not be with the family. This sign coupled with any of the signs above may be an indication your pet’s mouth is hurting.


If you believe your pet is experiencing any of these signs call us! We are happy to discuss your options to get your pet back to feeling great again! Our phone number is 301-874-8880.

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