Massage Therapy for Pets

Pet Massage Therapy in MD, DC, VA & Beyond

Massage Therapy for Pets is one of our most popular forms of treatment. With professional massage, soft tissue stimulation can directly impact an animal’s overall mobility and health. Pet Massage Therapy offers the following benefits: reduces pain, increases circulation, improves mobility in the joints and spine, relaxes muscles, alleviates stress, and helps build muscle.

Here at Greenbriar we offer several forms of massage therapy for pets. Your pet can enjoy a hands-on massage from one of our highly trained technicians, Hydrotherapy Massage in our Underwater Treadmill which uses massaging jets and we also offer a soothing HydroSurge Bathing system that will massage your pet head to toe!

All forms of Massage Therapy for pets will be offered in conjunction with our Rehabilitation & Therapy Program as prescribed by our Veterinarians and also offered to all of our Luxury Pet Resort clients as a relaxation service.

Please feel free to contact us here at Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital & Luxury Pet Resort for more information on pet massage or call us at (301) 874-8880.