Labrina McCarty

Certified Professional Trainer

Labrina is a life-long animal lover and always wanted to be a veterinarian. Growing up in Indiana, she interned at a veterinary clinic and volunteered at animal shelters. Working with these animals every day led her to dog training, which led her to National K-9 for the Master Trainer Course, and eventually brought her skills and expertise to Greenbriar!

Labrina is now a certified dog trainer, proficient in several different areas of training including: basic/advanced obedience, behavior modification, breed identification, puppy temperament testing, puppy development, personal protection, police k-9, tracking/trailing, and scent detection. She is a member of the IACP, an AKC GCG evaluator, and certified in pet first aid and CPR. She has one dog named Bear; a three year old border collie mix who loves to play Frisbee and ball and practice his tricks and agility work.