We LOVE Greenbriar!! In fact, we cannot say the name “Greenbriar Pet” before we’re ready to put Piper and Calvin in the car. They get too excited!!!

Cathy TMcLean, VA

We were really happy with the attention that our dog received and the communication/photos we received. Our pup is not used to being boarded and it was initially stressful for us but the awesome staff helped to make it a very positive experience.

Mike And Dara D.Adamstown, MD

Dr. Pooya, Margaret Stafford, Jessica, and I am certain all the Vet Techs, run a highly organized hospital! I continue to get the very best customer service. Dr. Pooya is an “over the top” skilled surgeon; I drop my pets off for surgery feeling confident that they will get the very best care.  My dog, Isis, is frequently in need of “aspirations”, and I can depend on Margaret’s skills to get material out of the tiniest of bumps. I love Greenbriar Vet Hospital, and I feel very lucky that my pets receive what I consider is the best Veterinary Care.

Kathy McCauley & Isis, Preecee, Lincoln, Junie
Private Dog Training Frederick MD

We have used the training (Phil is AMAZING and my grand puppy is OBSESSED with him), boarding, daycare and vet side of the business. This particular review is about Dr Spaar and a tech that assisted with my inherited geriatric dog during a stressful and scary episode earlier this week. I cried the whole way to the hospital and was a bawling mess in the lobby thinking our dear sweet old Pita was dying. The minute Dr Spaar and Judy walked in they helped to set my fears aside, not because they said everything was going to be ok, but because they both were sincere, sensitive and kind. They were as much my emotional therapist as they were veterinary care for Pita. Ironically as soon as I calmed down then little Miss Pita did too, amazing how they helped her through me. I give them so much credit for being there in the worst of times for their patients and their families. We’ve also seen Dr Pooya with a different pet before, he knows his stuff and is well educated also.

Amy H.

I cannot say enough about Greenbriar and their Team ! I have a 1 year old Husky, Luna, who is scared of most people.  Luna attends day camp usually once a week and practically pulls me through the door because she is so excited. She loves the staff and has a fit waiting for them! I know when I leave her there that she is loved and cared for just as much as she is at home.  We use Greenbriar for boarding, day camp and grooming.  Once my contract is up with her current Vet, she will also be coming to Greenbriar for her Vet needs.  For the quality of their service, their fees are very reasonable! I adore the staff and love going in the office myself!  Everyone is so friendly and they take time to remember who you are, even if you are referred to as Luna’s Mom!  They also make sure they are thorough when explaining charges, offers, and any questions you have.  Again, I just love this place!

Kryssi E.