I just want to say we really love Greenbriar.  You did a wonderful job helping her with her issues and while it was definitely costly I really feel like nothing was done that wasn’t necessary at the time and I had appropriate input into the diagnosis/treatment plan with the vets.

The staff are all very mindful of Mabel’s nervousness at the vet and take extra care to help calm her.  I’ve sometimes been able to hear from the exam room what the technicians are saying to her and it usually makes me smile. 🙂

Thank you.

Jamie H.

Jamie H

Stella always seems to have a great time at Greenbriar in general!  Specific to the Hospital the service is excellent.  We have never had to wait and everything is explained to us so well.  We are so grateful that your staff is there.  We would not go anywhere else.  Our previous pet, Cinder, loved it there, too, and the Hospital took great care of him to the very end.
We also appreciate your point system which has saved us a lot of money (more to spend on squeaky toys…)  We will always recommend Greenbriar, both the kennel and the hospital, to everyone we know who needs your services.
Michele and Carl H

Michele and Carl H

We can’t thank you enough for your help in the rescue of Kopper last week. You are one of our heroes!

Our older son, Mark, had taken him for a walk behind our home and the schools.  Mark had taken him off the leash; Kopper saw a deer; and took off. He did not come back. My husband, Bill, and Mark headed out to look for him. Mark did go to Urbana High since Kopper and Bill walk there in the evenings a lot. At 10 pm, I called our son and daughter-in-law, Jeff and Amy, who live in the Villages. I asked if they could post something about Kopper on Facebook. As Jeff and I were on the phone, I heard Amy in the background saying, “they found a dog and it’s Kopper”.  She had seen the Facebook post.

Thank you for your concern for him and having staff waiting at Greenbriar.  Kopper is 5 years old. [He] is dog #6 for us.

Once again, we appreciate ALL you did to get Kopper back to us that night. Mark went to Greenbriar to pick him up and they were home around 11 pm. We sure were happy to see him. He was a tired dog on Tuesday.

God Bless

Judy and Bill P

We LOVE Greenbriar!! In fact, we cannot say the name “Greenbriar Pet” before we’re ready to put Piper and Calvin in the car. They get too excited!!!

Cathy TMcLean, VA

We were really happy with the attention that our dog received and the communication/photos we received. Our pup is not used to being boarded and it was initially stressful for us but the awesome staff helped to make it a very positive experience.

Mike And Dara D.Adamstown, MD