Board And Train

Program Details

Our Board & Train Program is a nice option where our training staff takes on the task of developing a foundation of obedience and manners while they stay with us. Our trainers are not method based and will work with each individual handler and dog team to make sure that they are able to establish the relationship that they are looking for. While we may recommend various types of equipment for ease of communication you are never required to have any certain equipment to participate with us.

Very frequently during these programs we focus on basic obedience and manners but we also have the ability to work with your pet on more focused goals being it a foundation for competition or a new set of tricks to show off to your friends.

Because our Board & Train Programs are so customizable the price varies greatly based on suite size and length of the stay. Please contact our training department for more information (240)436-1660 or schedule a free training evaluation to see if a Board & Train is the right option for you.