Performance Instructor – Timothy Corun

Tim’s obsession for all things dog started at age 19, when he was first introduced to an American Pit Bull Terrier. He had to have one. When Tim was 21 he got his first APBT. And when he was 23, he got his second. They have since passed, but the obsession with dogs has continued. Tim currently has two Staffordshire Bull Terriers and a Beagle mix.

When Tim got his first Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Justus, he was determined to have a well-mannered dog that he could take anywhere with him. Tim enrolled Justus in a puppy class. Justus excelled and gave Tim the confidence to proceed in his training so that he could branch out into dog competition venues.

Tim is obsessed with learning and making his relationship with his dogs better. He continues to participate in classes, but also started attending seminars and taking in depth online training courses.

Tim’s competes with his dogs in different areas when they can find the time. Justus, his oldest Staffordshire bull terrier, at just a little over 2 years old had earned his CGC title, AKC Champion title and a AKC Novice Rally title. Justus has two qualifying runs in AKC agility in two different groups (novice preferred standard and novice preferred jumpers with weaves).

Penny, Tim’s youngest Staffordshire bull terrier, at just 10 months old has earned her CGC title and has 2 qualifying scores in rally novice b.

Lucy, Tim’s old beagle mix, is a master of the nap and enjoys refereeing the wrestling matches between Penny and Justus. Tim is an extremely well rounded trainer that has been exposed to so many training styles he is truly non method based. He is exceptional at naturally reading animal body language and intent and is absolutely loved for his creativity and natural ability to communicate clear understanding