Trainer –
Philip Dunsdon CPDT

Philip Dunsdon is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and a Certified Trick Dog Instructor. At Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital and Luxury Pet Resort Phil is known for his abundance of energy and ability to brighten everyone’s day including his canine compatriots. His affectionate nick name is the ‘King of the Cute and Fluffy’ because he is so patient and gentle and is amazing at working with dogs that don’t have the highest levels of confidence.

Training has become such a strong passion for Phil due to his strong love of dogs. While not limited by tools and truly not method based, Phil’s foundation in training is a purely positive background which makes him an extremely high asset for the area. Helping an unruly dog fit in to their forever home brings him so much joy with his favorite part of training being the part where he can watch the relationship between handler and canine strengthen through training.

Phil started out training basic pet obedience where he was certified through PETCO and found himself working with aggressive dogs, nervous dogs and anxious dogs. Eventually Phil started moving into different areas of dog training and began learning different dog sports such as IPO, Dock Diving and his personal favorite, Disc Dog. Phil loves showing dog/ person teams that training isn’t just going through the motions of formal obedience, but that training can be a lot of fun and really enhance your relationship with your animal.

Phil has two dogs, Jessica, his border collie, who has her CGC and competes in a variety of disc sports and his youngest personal dog Minotaur, a cattle dog. Minotaur has already gone through a STAR puppy program and is continuing his foundation to compete in many other venues.