Training Director –
Caroline Shedd

BS, CPDT, BC, AKC Evaluator

Caroline Shedd has been successfully training dogs since 2001 since she was first introduced to professional dog sport with her first dog Buddy. Caroline acquired her training motivation through the 4-H project and the junior handler competitions which is why she still supports the program heavily.

She joined her local kennel club as a junior handler and gained a lot of experience young working and training different breeds of dogs in conformation, obedience and agility. Caroline is currently a member of a lot of different clubs including AKC, UKC, USDAA, NADAC, UMRA, UAD and several others

Caroline has also been trusted by many breeders to professionally handle their canines at large AKC dog shows in conformation, obedience and agility. She has handled numerous dogs to their AKC Grand Champion, OTCH and MACH titles.

In 2011 Caroline achieved her Bachelors of Science from Frostburg State University and went back to professionally training dogs by achieving her initial certification as a professional dog trainer from a purely positive curriculum through Unleashed by PETCO. She later opened and sold her own successful dog training, grooming and walking business called Holistic Methods Dog Training. As her interest in competition dog sport grew she began venturing out into other sports such as disc, barn hunt, herding, rally, and protection sports such as IPO and Mondio Ring Sport. Caroline is always in the pursuit of knowledge and for the best technologies so she has studied with some absolutely top trainers who have given her a keen eye into a wide variety of training methods and styles who she will always support. Caroline is a recognized professional through IACP, APDT and is in the process of completing her certifications through NADOI and IAABC.

Caroline’s passion in training lies in inspiring others to compete alongside of her. She loves working in any sport but finds the most enjoyment in training agility.

Caroline currently has four dogs within her household. Her oldest dog, a rough collie named Apollo has his Canine Good Citizen and Companion Dog obedience title. Pulga, her Belgian Malinois has her Canine Good Citizen, Begleithund (BH), Ultimate Master Jumper, Mondio Ring 1 Obedience plus Jumping titles and multiple legs towards multiple other titles in agility, obedience, disc and dock diving. Caroline’s rescue dog Figment came from Happy Hounds Homeward Bound Dog Rescue, and he has his Canine Good Citizen title and her fiancé Greg has a beautiful St. Bernard named Minnow who also has his Canine Good Citizen title and Caroline handles in Conformation.