Puppy Class

Class Description

Our puppy class focuses on the socialization and confidence building that ensures a well-balanced dog.

We will provide instruction to achieve: sit, down, come, stay, place, attention/ name as well as focus on household problems such as nipping, jumping, potty training, fear and avoidance and many other topics. This class primarily focuses on the overall socialization of the puppy in regards to people, other dogs and environmental distractions.

This class is for puppies between 8 and 16 weeks (toy breeds up to 6 months) and the last class finishes with the AKC STAR Puppy Exam

AKC STAR Puppy Exam

Upcoming Classes

Saturday November 4th at 3:00PM
Instructor – Renée Nappier

Thursday November 30th at 5:00PM
Instructor – Michael Angelo Kelly & Caroline Shedd

All classes are approximately 1 hour in length for 6 consecutive weeks (barring holiday conflicts)

Space is limited so please contact the Training Department Admin Ariel at 240-436-1660 or email at ALukacs@gvhstaff.com