Intermediate/CGC Class

Class Description

Our intermediate/ CGC prep class focuses on taking your basic obedience commands to a more precise and functional level as well as increase confidence and communication that ensures a well-balanced dog and a great dog to person relationship.

We will provide instruction to achieve focus adding those three ‘D’emons of dog training distance, distractions, and duration of time. We are working to achieve a level of obedience so your dog may pass a test that proves your dog has a basic level of obedience and can be controlled in social situations.

AKC Canine Good Citizen Information

This class is designed for dogs who have a basic working knowledge of basic obedience and are looking to achieve better precision in their training and relationship.

Upcoming Classes

Wednesday July 19th at 12:00PM

Saturday July 29th at 9:00AM

Thursday August 24th at 5:30PM

Upcoming Public Exam

Monday July 24th at 5:30PM
Wednesday August 30th at 12:00PM

All classes are approximately 1 hour in length for 6 consecutive weeks (barring holiday conflicts)

7th week is the CGC exam given by an evaluator that did not teach your class