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Today, we want to keep up with the nutraceuticals we’ve been breaking down for you. There have been some great questions posed about which we recommend, if there are some that are “better” than others. Overall, we recommend the Dasuquin and the Welactin, as those are the ones with the most positive feedback from our clients. With that being said, all of the products we’ve posted here and mentioned are fantastic and have been proven to be great options for our patients. Don’t hesitate to talk to any one of our doctors if you are unsure as to which product…

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Laser Therapy- The Actual Facts

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Last month, a long time Greenbriar regular began coming to me for laser therapy. He had begun to show signs of many classic older dog problems that materialized in weakness on his hind end, being unable to go up and down stairs, struggling to stand up from laying down, and generally losing his ability to get around well. Discussions had even been had about his quality of life and whether or not he was really happy anymore without being able to do so many things he’s always enjoyed, like our day camp program. At one of our trainer’s recommendations, he…

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